Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recital Day!!

Our little princess had her very first dance recital today and she did such an AMAZING job!!! We are SOOOO proud of her!!! She danced her little heart out to the Little White Duck song and did the whole routine! At the end she even skipped across the stage waving and blowing kisses (though she did it facing the wrong way at first~waving and blowing kisses to the back wall, but half way through she turned and faced the crowd and finished with a big kiss before heading behind the curtain!) :o)
Here she is in her duck costume before the show~

You couldn't take flash photography and I tried to take a picture with no flash, but with all the lights it just wouldn't work. But here is what the stage looked like ~

The whole class (Sophia's standing in the back row on the very left)

Good friends...They danced themselves silly....

And finally, roses for our baby...we love you sweetie!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Breeze

I listed this sweet set on ebay earlier today. Included is the cotton double-layer top with straps that tie in both the front and the back, wide-leg bottoms~in your choice of length, and the cute fabric flower clippie. Lightweight and comfortable...the perfect summer ensemble!
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