Tuesday, December 8, 2009


OK, so I was planning on getting some things made and listed last month, but once again things went awry and I just wasn't able to get around to it. A little insight into our crazy family life the past 6 weeks...oldest daughter gets the flu, younger daughter gets the flu, oldest daughter gets a double ear infection, hubby and I both get sinus infections, my son gets the flu, and finally this past week my younger daughter ended up in the hospital with pneumonia...YIKES!!! We have spent more time these past months at the doctors/hospital than we have the past few years combined! It's been insane, but it seems everyone is finally starting down the road to recovery. My oldest daughter is back at school, after missing a total of 3 weeks in November alone. UGH! So hopefully this is all behind us and the New Year brings our family some much needed healthiness! I hope you and your families are all healthy and well!!

My poor baby on December 1st in the ER (only 6 days before her 3rd birthday)...

And the day after we got back home from the hospital, SNOW..in Southeast Texas!! This was only the beginning of it, it snowed the entire day~ it looked so pretty outside!

Soooo...I have lots of ideas floating around in my head (as usual) and I cannot wait to get to them! My fabric stash is just begging to be cut into! So I promise to have some fresh new designs coming in the New Year! Check back soon! :)

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